NAD C715 : Linn Classik on a budget?

Looking to buy an integrated solution for background listening and found the NAD C715. Similar to the Linn Classik it is a compact integrated system but much more cost effective. Just wonder if anyone actually heard this can offer some impression.
I picked one up last month. If your using it for background listening it would be fine. I think it works best with efficient speakers to avoid overdriving the amplifier section. I came into some money so I'll be upgrading to a LINN Classik.
I've owned two NAD all-in-one units, the L-53 and L-70 and had problems with the transports in both of them. I think it's worth looking elsewhere based on my experience with those units and with NAD's very, very slow repair service.
A friend of mine had the NAD L-53 and I didn't think so much of it, even for a budget integrated solution. I rate the April Music Aura Note much higher on sonics and value.
There is the Marantz M-CR502 also, anyone heard this one ?
I sold my 715 after just one year due to needing money for my bigger system. It drove Klipsch Quartets very well and has lots of nice features. I may get a Classik one day and hook some Katans up to it, since I have 3 other Linn sources, but you will probably like the NAD 715. Very user friendly. Good luck.
You can't ask for much more for only 350 to 500 bucks.