NAD C658 DAC vs TEAC NT 505

I am looking at DACs and I am probably going to chose between these two units
The TEAC has the AKM 449X chip and some really useful filters
The NAD has the Sabre chip and really is very useful for my no-preamp powered speakers
both do MQA and DSD
i do Tidal and digital computer files, no headphones usually, no vinyl
i want to get a used or B stock unit
I have the TEAC 503 DAC in one system. I like the sound. I have a Sonica DAC in a different system and like the sound. Completely different. The ESS is very precise and analytical. Very very detailed. The AKM is sweet and tube like. So it depends on your system. 
i currently have Airpulse Model One powered monitors with an AMT-Planar tweeter. I have the high end cut a bit with the bass boosted. I run a subwoofer. I feel the resolution is good enough that I am not looking for anything special to be gained... I am leaning toward a sweet tube sound ... I love JBL horns !!  but I don't know what I don't know...
i listen to quite a bit of mediocre recorded indie music, post-metal, blues, some classical, pop...hard rock....
Teac is likely to still be trucking long after the  NAD .
"I am leaning toward a sweet tube sound" -- doubt you're going to get that from this NAD or Teac, tbh! Why not look at Metrum?
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I am also considering the NT-505. I currently own a tube DAC (Musical Paradise MP-D2) with the AKM 4490 and love the warm sound but that is likely also due to the effects of the DAC's tubes.

One thing that surprised me in the NT-505 specs is it must be connected via a wired Ethernet connection for streaming music.  The controller app does work over WIFI but not music streaming. Curious if this is common with higher end DACs that play higher resolution music? To be honest, I would rather a DAC manufacturer not include WIFI when I can buy a quality network extender to plug into for much less than what the incremental cost would be if they provide WIFI capability.
The NAD C658 using the BlueOS controller is a big plus for me as I already have BlueOS in the house and am familiar with it. NAD is also fully WIFI streaming capable.
The Nad also has Dirac.. and BluOS of course