NAD C565BEE Question

Currently putting together my first system on a budget. I just picked up a pair of Monitor Audio RX8s and a NAD C375BEE integrated. I am looking to add a CD player and love the NAD C 565BEE which I thought sounded very good with that set up. My question is can I play my IPOD through the USB port on that player or do I need to buy something else to make this happen (as it is important that I can hook this in to the set up). Also, thoughts on going the DAC way (possibly a DAC magic) and lower end CD player or transport. Thanks.

You can hook the IPOD up to the 375BEE, no need for 565 just for that feature. the integrated has a mini input on the front for MP3/IPODs.
I would recommend the DAC Magic highly,. I prefer it over the one in the 565
As a matter of fact, I have the 375BEE amp/CD545BEE/Squeezebox/Dac Magic in my family room. All sounds great.
If you dock your iPod into the Wadia 170i or soon to be released 171i (upgraded version) into a DAC, you may rarely have use for a CD player.

You can rip your CD's into your PC using a lossless format for use on your iPod.
I assume you want to have the C565BEE do the digital decoding and not the iPod itself as Muzikat suggests by using the mini jack input on the front of the 375BEE integrated... Unfortunately the USB input on the C565BEE really wants to see the mp3 files as if they are on a flash drive or a USB hard drive. The iPod does not work this way and requires some other kind of hardware.

If you want the 565BEE to do the decoding, then yes, you would need a dock like the Wadia 170i (assuming it has an optical out, cause the 565BEE only has an optical in, no coax in.)

I am pretty sure about this, although I must admit I have not plugged an iPod into my 565 just to be sure... I don't recall the manual saying anything about iPods either.

I often think that maybe I should have kept my old CD player and just bought a Dac Magic...