NAD C541 Tray Won't Open

Greetings everyone,
The CD tray on my NAD C541 won't open. There is a CD inside. The display reads "open", but the tray stays shut. I checked the manual, but there is no trouble shooting info for this problem.

Any NAD guru's out there?

Thanks in advance!
I'm no NAD guru, but you should be able to take the top cover off by removing the screws on the sides (there maybe a couple on the rear of the unit holding the top on as well) which will allow you to remove the cd, and see if something is jammed-up. You'll want to keep the unit level until you get the cd out, if possible. Sometimes the rubber drive belt that opens and retracts the cd drawer stretches or breaks- if you're handy you can likely replace it yourself.
Thanks very much for the reply. Any other thoughts?
If the display is reading "open", I would ever so gently try and see if the tray will slide out by using a tool in the small openings to see if it will just slide out. If you press close, does the reading change? If so, it sounds like the belt or other mechanism actually doing the opening and closing has broken. Of course, if it is still under warranty, I wouldn't fool with it and just bring it in for servicing.
I believe the C541 player has not been manufactured for a number of years now. So I don't think it would still be in warranty. I agree that it would be safest to remove the top cover and carefully extract the disc. Then you can inspect to see if there are any obvious causes for the jammed drawer. You should be able to navigate through the NAD website for your closest repair/service dealer or call them at their U.S. main office.
Hi, former NAD Service Center,

If your belt has broken, here are the NAD Part Numbers (they had at one time a very high $20 min shipping fee on top of the part price, I guess since they are in Canada).

C541: #4102-6111-0 "Square Belt"

C541i: #4102-9026-0 "Rubber Belt"

I included both in case you had meant a C541i.

Contact Lenbrook/NAD Parts Department

Steve George
You are a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks very much for chiming in and adding this info! Greatly appreciated.
I've heard similar issues with this unit, something common with nad players from what i know.
I just fixed one of these.
Made in China in 2000. Rubber belt dried up.
Went to Ace hardware and got o-ring #29 in plumber's section
My NAD works like new again.

The only problem is taking it apart.
4 black screws in the bottom come off.

Remember: do not force anything!!!
Tilt the back of the transport upwards and slide off the front of the tray - it goes upwards. Then you will be able to lift off the whole transport assembly. Toothed wheel in front will let you move the tray and open it all the way. Press the two little tabs outside and remove the whole tray. Now you see the belt! Replace it with the o-ring and you are good to go.
Additional info:
It seems that these players have a construction flaw. Look for D701 on the main board -- near the cables that run to CD transport. You will find in that place a small 7.5 kOhm rsistor. This should be a 6.2 Volts Zener diode instead. Replace the resistor with 6.2 V Zener and the tray becomes strong and fast.
Where can I order a 6.2 Zener Diode replacement for the C541? Also how many watts should it be? Also is this an easy fix or does one need a technician for this? Thanks