NAD C372 vs C370

Hi, Does anybody have comparative listening to the NAD C372 vs C370 ? Wonder if there is significant sonic upgrade in the C372 ? ( NAD claimed the new C372 has some parts upgrade including the use of a larger toroidal transformer,yet the total weight of the C372 is exactly the same as the old C370 ,its kind of hard for me to belief )I am debating should I go for another brand Integrated or NAD C372 ?? Your opinion and suggestions is highly appreciated and thnaks in advance
I would not replace a piece of gear with its manufacturer's next iteration of the same piece. I haven't heard the 372, so I could be completely off here, but I'm guessing the sonic differences are not huge. Sure, NAD says there are some, & no doubt there are, but remember that they are justifying the product update, a process companies are forced into by market demands. Consider: if you were buying a new component, would you buy the one that's been on the market for 5 years unchanged, or one that's been out for a year or less? Which do you think would have the most sophisticated technology? Which do you think would give the most bang for the buck? Most consumers will go with the newer option.

Bottom line is, obviously, that you should listen and then decide. Realistically, however, most of can't listen to a very wide range of gear, and most of us can't even directly compare our gear to the stuff we do have access to. On that note, hopefully someone who has heard both amps will have some real rather than hypothetical advice.
I would concur with the previous poster, I own the NAD C350, but am not considering an upgrade to the C352 because the feature changes are not sufficient in my mind. Perhaps at NAD's next product iteration.

What I am considering, and you may as well, is a new pre-amp for your NAD Integrated, I'm looking @The Bottlehead: Foreplay Tube Pre-amp which has gotten a lot of positive feedback from NAD Integrated owners as a nice upgrade for the unit, and $150 US for the kit is quite a reasonable investment.
Sonically...not much (if any) of a gain...maybe feature wise...I am also a c350 owner...and its a great little only beef...why 2 tape connections? about a phone stage?