NAD C372 versatility?

I'm thinking it's time to add a preamp to my setup. I currently have a NAD 372 integrated. Would I gain more adding a 162 preamp and using the 372 as the power or using my 372 as the pre and getting a 272 power amp? Any other suggestions for gear? My sources are a NAD 542 CD player, Pro-Ject Debut III/Ortofon Blue table, and an older NAD tuner. Thanks.

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From my understanding, the 372 is virtually the 162/272 rolled into one chassis. So adding the 162 would seem redundant. As mentioned, "upgrading" the jumpers should offer a bit more performance.

Also, that NAD C542 CD player is one fine sounding player. Best $180.00(used) I have ever spent on a player. Definitely one of my better "bang for the buck" audio purchases.
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