NAD C372 Opinions

Has anyone heard NAD's new C372 integrated amp? Is it much of a step up from the C370 in terms of sound quality (assuming you listen at moderate volume levels and don't need much power)?

Thanks in advance for any info.

I just purchased a pair of Harbeth Compact 7ES2's and a NAD C372 - it all sounds great, but I didn't have an opportunity to compare to the 370.
There is a review of the C162 and C272 combo (preamp and power amp) in The Absolute Sound that is very complimentary.
I have a NAD C-370 driving a pair of Dunlavy SC-III's along with the Sony DVP-S9000ES SACD/DVD Player and a VPI TT, NAD Tuner, and old cassette deck, a reel to reel and a NAD 5 disc CD player. It has all the power I need and the system sounds wonderful in my 30' by 16' room.
Forget about NAD. They are not anymore what used to be.
What alternative to NAD is there? I also have been seeing more and more quality control issues with NAD ever since they started to get into the A/V markets with their 7x0 series. I even heard that their silver line has a lot of bugs in them.

Where do the old NAD customers go? Arcam? Rotel? Cambridge Audio?