NAD C368 and KEF LS50’s

I am considering buying a NAD C368 (with Blueos module) and was wondering if 80 wpc if enough to drive the
KEF LS50’s. I know the ls50’s like a lot  of power, and I have heard NAD rates their power on the conservative side. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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Ditto, we sell both the LS 50 and the NAD C368 the sound quality is very good together.

For a bit more money the Nad C 658 and a stereo Nuprime STA 9 is amazing sounding.  This combo is $2,200.00 vs the Nad C368 with Blue Sound module which is $1,400.00 huge step up with the more expensive NAD NAD C658 is better sounding and adds Dirac room correction to boot.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Nad, Kef, and Nuprime dealers