NAD C368 and KEF LS50’s

I am considering buying a NAD C368 (with Blueos module) and was wondering if 80 wpc if enough to drive the
KEF LS50’s. I know the ls50’s like a lot  of power, and I have heard NAD rates their power on the conservative side. Any thoughts are appreciated.
I've heard this combo and would not recommend it - the new hybrid digital NAD amps don't seem to play well with the LS50.  The now discontinued 50 Watt class AB integrated they made(can't remember the model) was a much better match even though it was lower powered.

The Yamaha AS801 worked a lot better as it has a bit warmer sound signature and the two seemed to mate very well together - a combo I could easily live happily ever after with.

If you can try before you buy go for it you may well love it, the amp definitely has enough drive but they sounded harsh together to my ears.

Good luck!

Ditto, we sell both the LS 50 and the NAD C368 the sound quality is very good together.

For a bit more money the Nad C 658 and a stereo Nuprime STA 9 is amazing sounding.  This combo is $2,200.00 vs the Nad C368 with Blue Sound module which is $1,400.00 huge step up with the more expensive NAD NAD C658 is better sounding and adds Dirac room correction to boot.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Nad, Kef, and Nuprime dealers
I have a C368 in my girlfriend’s system and like it, but 80 Watts is 80 Watts. We got a HUGE sound quality boost by piping its pre-outs into a Parasound A23 (Tannoy Eyris DC3 speakers, 89 dB/ Watt). The C368’s preamp and DAC sound great, though. And we have the BlueOS MDC module (the older one) but haven’t been impressed there. We can only get it to show / connect once in a blue moon, with no rhyme or reason why. We had to fall back to bluetooth (which worked very reliably, at a slight ding to sound quality) until I bought a Node 2i. The Node 2i is much more reliable; I’d guess & hope the newer BlueOS MDC module would yield at least as much improvement. But it’s still not perfect, and perhaps not quite good enough to satisfy me in the long run. I may end up looking for alternatives.

I agree you’d be better served with a C 658 into a beefier amp. I wish I'd gone that route, now.