NAD C355 BEE - Connection Options

At the moment I run a Cambridge 640C & Firestone Fubar II dac into the NAD, then this to Quad speakers via the Speaker A output. I have my headamps connected to tapeout 1 (Shanling PH300) and tapeout 2 (firestone little country). From here I listen to either AKG k701s or Beyer dt250 (80 ohm).

However, I'm thinking of bypassing the NAD preamp section and using the PH300 or Little Country as the preamp instead (to make the connections between source and the headamps a lot shorter - both headamps have a preamp out). Is this kind of thing advisable? Not sure about impedance matching.

The other thing is that the PH300 has two inputs (CD & AUX), but the Little Country has only one. I guess this setup would render one of the amps useless (ie not connected).

Anyone have some suggestions as to the best setup?

Cheers - much appreciated!
If you are interested in this option as a permanent arrangement you would be better off selling the c355bee and buying a used c272 power amp; almost twice the power and a much simpler set up.
agree it would be simpler, but my main aim is to have the shortest connection between source and headphone amps, not to have power to drive speakers (am only using bookshelf speakers)....would you still recommend using a power amp only?
well i tried it, but there was so much buzzing that it was not worth leaving it connected!

Anyone know of a preamp which would suit the NAD C355?
I think you can get a used NAD C160 for roughly $250 or less. Or maybe you can get a NAD C162 brand new for $400, provided your local NAD still carries the C162.

They are quite versatile.