NAD C352 and Totem Model 1 Signatures

I have Totem Model 1 Signatures and am considering a NAD C352. Any opinions/experience on that combo? I listen for extended periods, mostly female vocals, jazz, big band. Should I consider smaller (C320BEE) or larger (C370), or other inexpensive amps? Thanks.
The 352 would work fine. 320 BEE OK, but not the best choice. If you could stretch for it, you would enjoy the 372 better. Model 1 responds very well to more power.
Thanks. I guess I always considered more power is for louder playing. Is the beefier output more advantageous in other ways than higher volume? I should add that I am more concerned that music and quality are not lost at very low volumes, which has always been a problem for me with mid-fi gear.
Why is NAD your only consideration?
it will dound just fine
With higher powered amp you will get more detail at lower volume.
Consider Rotel and Cambridge. When I had the Model One Totems, I found that they sounded best (at any volume) with some power behind them.
I would get the NAD C372 at 150 watts. I heard it on the Mani2s and it did very very well.
Arni, I researched NAD, Cambridge Audio, Rotel and a few Mid fi's. I picked NAD based at first on an article in an old "Listener" magazine, but mainly on reading LOTS of reviews and forums like these. It's a close call among the three but I want to avoid agressive high's and muddy bass. I'd love to audition them at home, but I can't find a distributor that will accomodate me. And listening in a showroom doesn't tell me much. I'm always interested in opinions and advice. (Unfortunately, cost is a major factor - champaign taste, beer budget.) Thanks, Casemiro
I have a Cambridge 540a V2 that I bought from a member here used for a second system. This thing shocked me. If you try one of these latest V2 integrateds from Cambridge I cant imagine any disappointments. The Totems DO LIKE POWER, and I have not used them with this amp. You my try to pony up for the 640a v2 if possible. I use the preamp out for a sub (sometime a pair) so bass may be hard for me to judge off hand. But ribbon tweeters dont lie, and I have heard worse from more expensive amps. Pretty darn good for music on the cheap.
Several years later! I do not know if I will receive a response to this post, but I recently purchased a NAD C375BEE to run my Totem One Signatures and it has begun to activate the protection circuit. It has been suggested to me that the C375BEE is not compatible with the impedance load of the Totems and that I have damaged the NAD. Any response and information regarding the validity of this claim would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Joseph