NAD C350 or Cambridge A500?

I can get the:
NAD C350 for $500 CDN
or the
Cambridge A500 for $469 CDN

Will be powering my Quad 21Ls (which I love so very much)

I'll be using my existing DVD player as a transport until I can go with a decent CD Transport (ditched the mass market idea)

Thoughts on these two integrateds in general - I intend to use my integrated as a power amp down the road with a Processor/Receiver - will/should I keep the brand the same for future consideration? (especially with Cambridge not having a processor/receiver [although I heard that around Christmas they will be coming out with a receiver with pre-outs])

Thanks in advance!
Get NAD more power and preouts!
Between these two choices my gut feeling is go w/ the NAD. I think you'll have a better resale value and probably be able to sell quicker in the future should you decide.
I've read that the C320 is also very good sounding through less powerful.
nad is updating the c370, which will become the c372 and will be out in december. I say, save up a bit more and get the c372, more power and has hookups for two pairs of speakers.....
Check the new C352!!
I have to agree with all of the above. The NAD is not necessarily better sounding, that's a matter of taste, but it has more power then the Cambridge, which should work well with Quad loudspeakers (good choice!! Lovely looks and great sound.....). Maybe the NAD 352 is better then the C 350, but I think 500 $ is a good price, so if the 352 is more expensive, go for the 350!!
I have ended up with the NAD C350 - the 352 will not be available in my local market until December or so - and I sold my old Pioneer receiver so I bought what was available at what I feel was a good price :)

Thanks for all the advice - my Quad's sing with the NAD :)

- Now for a real CD player ;)