NAD C350 Guitar Amp

Is there anyway to convert my NAD c350 to an electric guitar amp? I'm not familiar with this area of audio equipment, so sorry in advance if my question seems ridiculous.
Errmmm..... everything's possible, but I feel it's easier and cheaper to buy a normal guitar amp/speaker.
OK, this'll be my third and last time to try to get through the moderators" - Having a bad day are we?

Ekizucla - I have an integrated that I use which is handy as I can switch things in and out such as an EQ, minidisc recorder, footpedals that would be difficult otherwise.

I go from the guitar through a mackie mixer into a Boss pedal bay, then into the amp. Worst case you'll have to get phone plug to RCA adapters.

I use two Genesis speakers and a HSU sub as speakers and it sounds good. When necessary I have a Marshall and a Line6 amp to use too, but I find I use my other setup more.

Get to me directly if you want more info.