NAD C338 or Marantz PM6006 or Cambridge CXA60. Please Help

i’m new to the forum but i have a couple of questions if someone would help. I also feel this is gonna be a long one so please stay with me. I got my first real stereo setup last year, a 1978 Kenwood integrated amp with some no model sony bookshelf speakers and i loved it but it crapped out and in December the budget was low so i replaced it with a Cambridge topaz am10 integrated which i like not love. I’ve also upgraded and purchased the Pioneer fs52 floor stand speakers and some blue jeans cables speaker cables and generally i like the setup except that the topaz am10 never has wooed me like i want,meaning like when you hear a song lets say for the argument "when the levee breaks" by led Zeppelin and the drums kick in and it grabs you and you are dancing and you’re bobbing your head and you feel the song through you,well with the topaz am10 i don’t feel that. So i’ve decided to upgrade and i have narrowed it down to three choices, the NAD c338, Marantz pm6006 and the Cambridge CXA60. Now i like the thought of going with the CXA60 but am worried based on quite a few reviews that the sound will be similar to the topaz but better at it and thats not what i want at all. the Marantz i have read is more to my liking at least sound wise but am concerned with various QC problems i see online. Finally the Nad C338 interests me mostly for the same reasons as the Marantz plus its got built in wifi which while i don’t do a whole lot of now but i would if it was there plus i’d like to try out the class D of the NAD and quite a lot of reviews indicate its awesome. the thing i’m concerned with about the Nad are that in all the videos i’ve seen on it that to play it loud they have to crank it up where as the Marantz PM6006 and Cambridge CXA60 the volume is barely at 10 o'clock although i could be imagining that, of course i don’t play my music real loud but i’d like to know i can and not run out of room, by the way i mostly listen to vinyl but sometimes with my phone plugged in. now i wont be upgrading the speakers at this time but maybe down the road. so i guess my question is which amp moves you the most and makes you fell the music ? also i don’t have a local hifi dealer in my area other than best buy :) so kibosh on trying them, my plan is to order through Crutchfield. My budget is the $600-$800 mark and i’ve narrowed it down to these three so please don’t tell me about Emotiva or Yamaha or Onkyo or Rotel or Arcam or whatever it is that might fit because i want one of these and just wanna know peoples opinion on them sound quality wise, also please no class D vs class A/AB arguments i’ve heard it all and don’t need to know. Sorry i don’t mean to sound rude but i notice a lot of post on forums about these amps and they always lead to going off topic and the OP’s questions never really get answered the way he asked them. Thanks for all help however regarding these amps.
Hi Jet -

Have you listened to any of these amplifiers, as that would help immensely or are you like many of us, where it is difficult and impractical to audition the amps?

I have owned products from all three manufacturers.  I have not heard these amps, but I have strong initial impressions.  

Quality build and freedom from repair is key for me.  So that would disqualify the Marantz, as it is made in Vietnam.  This may seem irrational on my part, but Vietnam is not well known for serious electronics.  

The NAD @ 50 wpc seems ridiculously low powered for a Class D amp.  I own a Class D amp from another manufacturer and am happy with it, so not a Class D hater.  I have had a NAD amplifier go bad after a few years of use and getting it fixed was not fun.  If I went with a NAD, it would not be this model, there are others which I think are better.  

You have already disqualified the Cambridge with two of your comments ... like, but not love the Topaz and not wanting a more souped up version of the Topaz.  So, not sure why it is on your list.

So, I would not go with any of the 3 amplifiers that you have listed.

There is one obvious choice that is missing from everything that you have written, but I will honor your request not to add more to the mix.  I have 10 years plus experience with the product.  If you would like another name to consider, please ask.


Not sure how many source inputs you need or if you play records.  These are two of my systems.  

Outlaw RR2160 - receiver
There may also be a Memorial Day or 'B stock' sale going on.  Direct from manufacturer.

Class D Audio - power amp.  Direct from manufacturer.
Parasound - preamp.  From Audio Advisor.

Good luck,

Well perfect, I like the idea of the outlaw however I don’t really love the size of it. Same goes for the pre/power amp setup you mentioned. Let me ask, you said the Nad C338 was not one you’d go with but which one would you from NAD's lineup ? Thanks again.
The Outlaw does have some size to it, I have to admit.

I like the looks of the NAD C 368, but I am blowing your budget up a bit, as it goes for $900.  Sorry.

For fear that I am adding to the mental calculus of buying an amp, I forgot that I just picked up one of these.  (long story, will have to down-size at some point when retirement happens and I am stockpiling from now). 

It is a screaming good deal from a great manufacturer ...  a $1000 integrated amp for $600.  

Musical Fidelity m2si

I thought from the original 3 amps listed and your comments about the Topaz, that you probably needed to make the jump up to the next level of amp and the MF would represent that.

Well I do like the Nad c368 as well especially with the bluOS module in it Which really expands its capability. I haven't thought much about musical fidelity though, I'll take a look thanks. 
That music fideltiy  m2si...looks like a sweet deal...they make killer amps....
If you are willing to spend a 899 dollars, you should consider the Yamaha integrated A-S801.
I bought last year, and I really like it.Plenty of power and connections.
And I eliminated one connection ! Got great reviews on TAS, 6moons audio reviews.
Just my two cents on equipment that plays every day at home.
Good luck.
So some one must be looking down on me because i work at bike shop being a cyclist and all and today a customer comes in a guy i've only seen in passing before and we start talking stereo stuff. well guess what he has a CXA60 himself and invited me over to try it and BAM this is what i'm talking about, the Cambridge CXA60 is way better than the topaz am10. It's got the grabbiness i talked about and just wow i'm getting that. Granted he's got it hooked up to some Sonus Faber Speakers i could never afford but damn i'm in love. Just wanted to say thanks everyone.
 Also I wanted to add that I like the idea of the musical fidelity and I'm certain they make good products however the guy that owns the upscale audio store/website Kino gives me the creepy salesman vibe.  Kind of a late night infomercial  and if you buy now feeling which to me is a big turn off. 
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His name is Kevin Deal and he is a respected audio dealer and the man behind Prima Luna tube amplifiers.  I have been dealing with him for 16 years.  He stands behind his products and knows his stuff.  He is a character though.

So, you own a $300 amp that you have paired with $250 speakers and you are ready for a change.  Once you upgrade to a higher level amp, you will soon see the need for upgrading your speakers.  This is what you heard at your buddy's place.

I also like good deals.  It is why I suggested the Musical Fidelity amp ... a quality $1000 amp being discounted to $600.  

Lots of ways to look at this.  

Think of it as a bike.  You only get a certain level of Shimano components on an entry level ride.  If you want the enhanced performance of better components ... shifting under pressure, smoother braking ... then you have to work your way up Shimano's component line.  

You can also think of your CA amp as the frame and your speakers as the components.  You will most likely recognize immediate improvement if you upgrade the speakers, because after all that is what you hear.

So, maybe it is time to go listen to some speakers before you spend your hard earned cash.  But do spend the time and listen, no quick on-line purchasing until you can identify what works for you in a speaker.    It will be time well spent.


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