NAD c326 enough power for Totem Rainmakers?

I've settled on buying a pair of Rainmakers but haven't yet settled on the amp. (I plan to use my iMac as music source and use a Music Streamer II usb DAC.) Michael [over in the misc. section in part of a larger thread] was kind enough to recommend Music Hall Mambo, which used is $650. I'm also considering a Rotel 1062, which is 60W and $499 used. But I'm leaning toward a new NAD c326 which is 50W. I'd prefer to buy new for an amp (which generally carries less risk/will likely have longer life for me, I think); but I'm wondering 1) will the c326 provide enough juice for the Rainmakers to play cleanly? (I plan to listen at low and moderate volumes mostly, with once in a while rocking out very loud) and 2) does anyone think a used amp at around $500 will be so noticeably better that it would be worth buying used over the new NAD? Any opinions would be appreciated.
It really depends on the speakers sensitivity and impedence curve. The NAD should be fine for moderate listening levels. (I just bought a used NAD 302 here and let me tell you this 25w little amp is a gem. My spks. are really effecient so it has no problems at all.) I would have no hesitation buying used from a reputable seller here on Audiogon. If you decide on a new 326, you could buy from Audio Advisor which, I believe, has a return policy. My gut feeling is that you need an amp w/a little more power esp. considering what I've heard about this spk. req. lots of power and your desire to listen loudly. Bill
i ran totem rokks (predecessor to the rainmakers)and other less efficient speakers with a 50w nad (i believe the c325) and power was more than sufficient--nad, almost singularly underrates their amps' power specs (or at least most of the other mass marketers overhype theirs) + design their amps with a ton of dynamic headroom--i.e. they can generate extra oomph for short transient bursts where needed. now, because i've had bad luck with the reliability of nad gear (mainly digital sources), i personally opt for arcam or cambridge gear within the same class, but i freely acknowledge that nad makes a solid, lively amp, so if you like the sound, go for it.
Please do not confuse SPL of a speaker with the low impedance capability of an amp.

NAD 326BEE has enough power for Rainmaker?

The NAD C326BEE is a lot of good amp for the $$$ that can drive the Totem Rainmaker with ease as Mr Loomisjohnson said.

If you got the extra cash and want to play your music above the listening level for most folks here, get a used NAD C372 or a used C375BEE. The more powerful your amp is the better your speaker will sound at high volume level, especially with complex content or bass rich content (Eagles, Pink Floyd, Sade, Ice Cube, Massive Attack).

The NAD C372 & C375BEE are very neutral amps while the C326BEE got a bit of over emphasis in the mid bass and upper bass range, of course, to match up with most budget speakers (sold 4 less than $1200 per pair)

NAD amps are laid back and warmer than most so any NAD amp helps the high of the Rainmakers. I have driven both Dynaudio and Totem with my NAD and they both do well. Personally I like Dynaudio more than I like Totem for their smoother silk tweeters.

I have driven a pair of JBL S38 & Dynaudio DM 2/10 by the NAD 326BEE and I never had to crank the volume above 10 o'clock to play my music really loud.
Thanks for the responses! I got the c326, and on a very short test it sounds terrific so far.