NAD C325 or C352?

I'm very much a novice and am trying to slice together a first starter system. I picked up a pair of Dali Evidence 470 speakers at a good deal and am trying to decide on the amp. Budget is a significant concern and as I mentioned this is my first endeavor into the hi-fi world. I was thinking about getting an NAD amp (integrated, due to both cost and space). I have a two part question regarding this:

1. I've been reading comments about people talking about different components pairing (or not) well together. Does anyone have any experience to comment on the NAD amp being paired up w/ my speakers? Along these lines I'm also considering getting a NAD CD-Player as well.

2. Furthermore, will the C325 be able to drive them, or should I consider the C352 (or even the C372)? And in terms of the CD-Player, is the 325 best paired w/ a 525 or will it jive well w/ any NAD (such as the 542)?

Any feedback would be much appreciated.
Of the two amps you've mentioned, I would go with the C352. Whilst the Evidence 470 is quite sensitive, it's low nominal impedance of 4 ohms suggests that you would be better with an amp that can deliver better into low impedances.

Personally, I would look at a 2nd hand Musical Fidelity A3, with almost double the power and better current delivery, it would drive your speakers perfectly.

No issues with the CD player - any NAD should pair well with the NAD amplifiers. I used to have a NAD 524 CD into an old 3020 amp driving Rogers Studio 1A and they made great music together. The Rogers had an easier impedance than your Dali's however.
I had 2 C370's once and will never forgive my self for selling them. The added power with a C 370 or 372 will better control the speaker and you will be set should you ever change speakers as they can drive almost anything. I think it is worth the extra money.

Try to replace the stock jumpers (between pre and amp section) with better ones (I used audioquests) for best results.
Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

So far I'm thinking about getting the C542 and a C352 (or a C372 if I can get it cheaply).

The A3 seems to be a bit pricier, although not that much more. Perhaps next time I'm upgrading I'll look at a A3.x pairing.
I have the new 362 and the 545 cd player by NAD - powering Vandersteen 1C's. Very satisfied with the sound and power.
Definitely agree with Bokfudo that if you're going to stick with NAD, go for the C372 (I misseed your reference to this option in your o.p.). Very powerful and musical amp and can drive most any speakers with ease. Not to mention the natural upgrade path to add a matching power amp (C370) and bi-amp with the integrated.

In the MF range, you'd have to go up to the A300 to get this sound (I have one in a second system and can highly recommend) but this is a fair bit more pricey (around $900 I would think).

So my revised vote goes to the C372.