NAD C320BEE V Marantz PM 7000

Hi I am trying to find an amp I can get by with for a while and am looking at an NAD C320BEE or a Marantz PM 7000 also a PM 68 but I would think the 68 and 7000 are pretty much the same thing. The build and features of the Marantz are very nice but I have heard it said it is pretty dark, lacked HF extention and slow. On the other hand I have heard the 320Bee before and thought it seemed very warm and plumped up in the bass.
I have a C740 NAD receiver here for now . Is the C320Bee really an upgrade??
Speakers are Polk SDA 2Bs ,Analysis Plus Cables, and a Marantz DV 70000 SACD player. Thanks