NAD C320BEE Rotel RA-01 Cambridge 640A

Hi all,

It is hard for me to decide between these 3 integrated to match my JMLab Chorus 707 S.

Which one do you consider to be a better fit.
Please help, I am losing already to much time and energy and I cannot decide.

Thank you
You're best off with the NAD C320BEE.
The Rotel isn't that good inside.

The Cambridge Azur 640A is also very good, probebly better than the NAD.
The NAD is better is, If you like to play loud,
I have the NAD C320bee, and it's a good one, It fit's in my budget, is also good on low volemes.
Check this site for pictures of the NAD C320BEE

Check it!
Good luck, forget the Rotel, Cambridge or the Nad
I have not heard the Cambridge, but I selected the NAD c320 over the Rotel. I found it to be more musical and better at low volumes.
Try the new Nad C352CT. The latest What HiFi magazine put it on top of other amp in the same price range. Notice that the older C352 version which had a rather negative reaction from What HiFI has gray finish. The new one which receives a very positive review from What HIFI, C352CT, has silver finish.
The C320BEE is perhaps the best value I've ever heard. I currently have one in my system and have no plans to replace it anytime soon. It does have both preouts and amp inputs, so you could conceivably get more life out of it than the Cambridge.
now ehat you think is better amp for acoustic energy evo one's? c320bee or ra-01?
the nad is a steal.i use with gma europas and nad541i and it has probable 85% of my other sys. which costs 10 times more.if i knew what i know now,i would have saved a lot of dont have to spend big to have good sound.