NAD C315 BEE vs. Trends TA-10?

I am setting up a small system for my studio apartment while I am relocating, so size is at a premium.

Any Suggestions on the NAD vs the Trends? Currently I am using Audio Engine 2.0 speakers and a Squeeze Box. Want to swap out the Audio Engine 2.0 for non powered speakers.
I was contemplating this issue two weeks ago and decided on the NAD C325BEE. I bought it online for $299. It will be replaced by a new model soon. It costs about $120 more than the Trend, has multiple inputs, more power, is more versatile if you will ever put it in other systems, remote control, balance and tone controls. I could not compare the sound side-by-side, so I bought the NAD. It is a wonderful amp and I am very happy with it. The C315 costs $350 or almost double the Trends. Some prefer Class D to SS, but I got so much more functionality from the NAD. Good luck!
Tgrisham is correct on all points made. I own the Trends and for fun took it to Magnolia Hifi where we ran a $10,000 pair of Martin Logans. It was crazy, even fooled one of the salesmen into thinking we were running the Macintosh powered up. It is that good.
Thank you for the responses, any suggestions on speakers or cables for either the Trends TA-10 or NAD C315 BEE?
Both great. I think the Trends is awfully good (and NOT just for the money).
I have listened to the 315BEE a few months ago, driving a pair of Monitor Audio Silver RS 6 and later a pair of PSB T 45.

It is a very capable amp, very musical provided you carefully match the amp with fairly efficient speakers, not the Totem Mani 2 of course.

The little NAD 315BEE is great for an apartment. What I like about NAD 315BEE is that it sounded organic, neutral, and was able to drive any tough speakers out there.

If you got the extra $100, go for the NAD 325BEE.

Usher and PSB monitors will sound great with NAD 315BEE.

PS If I got a decent bonus, I will pick up a 325BEE or 315BEE, just in case.
Little late to the party here, but I've owned NAD C340 and C350 and IMO any Class T amp is in another league (I've owned the Super T Amp, Trends TA-10.1, and Virtue Two). A lot more refined, better soundstage, smoother, etc. NAD is probably better if you like hard music. You definitely need pretty efficient speakers, though. 88 dB bare minimum in my experience.
The Trends is the best of the T-amps I tried. It's freaking AMAZING!