NAD C270 vs. NAD C272

I have a C270 and wondered if anyone has A/B tested it and the newer C272? I'm happy with my C270 but am extremely curious.
I bet it would be more of the same thing you have.
I would bet that the C272 is just a little more powerful and dynamic than the C270.

However, instead of looking for a C272 I would recommend stepping up just a bit more to the later model, C275BEE. I have this stereo amp and it has plenty of power to drive my Magnepan 3.6's and it sounds very, very good. It's not as powerful or dynamic as my Cary 500 mono blocks (1000 watts into 4 ohms) but the difference overall is not that great. It's hard to find a used C275 but they do show-up on Audiogon and Ebay every now and then. Should be able to snag a used one for around $800. A spectacular SS stereo amp for the money!
I've also read the c272 had/has some problems too.....
I used to own a pair of C272s that I ran in bridged mode as monoblocks. I always thought the sound was good, but I later bought an Emotiva XPA 2 which I found to be better in almost all areas. I loved that amp but sold it because it just wasn't a good fit for the small listening room I moved Into at our new house. It does need to be turned up a bit to sound its best, which just couldn't happen in this small room.