NAD C270

Hello everyone. I have a dilema which I am hoping someone here can help me with. I have been listening through my mid-fi system for the past several years and have been happy with it. My system consists of a NAD c340 integrated amp, NAD c520 CD player and a pair of B&W 601 speakers. Recently I decided to upgrade my system but not neceseraly change everything. I went to several shops in my area and everyone has given me different opinions. One said to change my speakers, the other to change my inter connects while the third told me to add the c270 power amp. Basically, all I want is to improve the sound that I hear without breaking the bank. So what do you people think I should do? Thanks.
do not break-up mid-fi and hi-fi.
do not break-up Stereophile class B or class A or whatever.
Either way is OK but both at the same time is better.
I don't think you'll be able to bi-amp with C270 so I'd suggest replacing C340 for C370 instead.
If you're tight on budget lookup for DIY speaker projects. I realy was intrigued by folks who repeated Proac 2.5 with great results. It's an easy speaker to repeat.
None of the above. A CD player upgrade will yield the best increase in clarity and smoothness. The NAD C541 or C541i is really nice if you want to stay in the same family. You will get a good price for your old CD and the upgrade will only cost you a few hundred.
Viridian's statement is almost certainly correct - 'A CDP upgrade will yield the best increase in clarity and smoothness.'

Assuming that you like your B&Ws and you'll be keeping them for some time, I second the recommendation of a CDP upgrade. I suspect that you would also benefit from better ICs and speaker cables, but I'm not positive because you didn't mention what you're using now.

Good luck!
I wouldn't be so precisely shure about changing CD-player but definitely know that older NAD models are simply horrible.
Thank you all for your responses. Now that you mention it, I never even thought about changing the CD player. That would definetly be a worthwhile upgrade and I will definetly be looking into it. As for my inter connects, I'm using the Cambridge Audio Arctic. I hear they are in the low end of the range. I guess that would be a good place to start. Once again, thanks for the responses.
Never start upgrade from interoconnects if you're not currently satisfied with sound.
I never said that I wasn't satisfied with the sound. I am very happy with my sound as I mentioned in my original post. All I am looking for is to improve it in some way without having to buy a completely new system.
Although a new source upgrade is never a bad choice for improvement...I would have to say in terms of transparency, coherency, and overall musical involvement...I would opt for new speakers...Epos m12s or even the older models before this one (El2 ?) would be a nice addition...they are often found used for 5-600 would SPendor 3/5s...if your NAD CD is close to 5yrs old...even a new cd/dvd with a 24/96 DAC will surpass it...
ALso...I auditioned the latest 601 version vs. the older cdm 2...and the cdm was clearly the better performer...they go used for around $4-500...if u want to stay with the classic B&W sound...Epos also has a new budget monitor...els 3 I believe good luck...