NAD C 658?

if you got one let's hear about the sound quality
good sirs
We just put one on display and it sounds fantastic we are pairing it with a Nuprime Sta 9 power amp

This little 120 watt amp sounds warmer and cleaner with more power at 120watts then the matching Nad power amp

The package is $2200 with blue os streaming.

We just put this out a few weeks ago and have been putting out a lot of new gear in this room so impressions were brief however the sound was clean, detailed, good top end and a big soundstage.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Nad and Nuforce dealers
right one mate.. i am using active AirPulse Model 1 speakers
any idear how those would match up?

Are you meaning the C 368 as a preamp/streamer?

The C368 sounded awesome.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ NAD dealers
i mean the new NAD C 658. Waht are you talkin bout?
There is an owners thread in avs on C658. I am seriously considering giving it a try for the dirac capability. There are some minor bugs which NAD is aware of and are planning to fix in next firmware. 
I am on that AVS thread about the C 658..
@audiotroy can you plaease hook up a set of Class D powered active monitors and tell us how the C 658 sounds? any should do.. nothing high end...