NAD c 565bee- marantz 600? Equilavent

In dire need of a average descent CD player. Looking at the NAD or marantz. 

I dont need 200 replies on why I should buy the CD player YOU are using. 

Also so looking at that 150$ onkyo 7030 model, lots of good reviews on it. 

Between these three, what do you guys think?  Your thoughts, recommendations are appreciated. Thank you
In all honesty, does it really matter?  Most all modern disc spinners sound mostly the same, don't they? Same high quality opamps, burr brown, Texas Instruments chips whatever they have, it's a crap

would I be fine with the 150$ onkyo 7030? And save 300$ to use on better cables, or a nice steak supper at Ruth Chriss's. 

 Would t he extra 300$ really make a difference as to what I hear?

i would like to honestly get the one which is most reliable, my last CD player purchase was the acurus acd-11, so this tells you the last time I went shopping for a good unit. It lasted me quite a long time. It's been a while since a good dedicated one has purchased

i was currently using the pioneer elite dv48 as CD player, but it made major static through my speakers tweeter, bad transformer or something was causing it, so I pulled it. Currently hooked up a cheapo toshiba sd-4000 to use as CD player,. 
So I am guessing your budget is around $150.00.  I have owned many $150.00(used and new) players and quite a few $1000.00(used and new) and up players and the one I have owned the longest and has sounded the best is my 10 year old NAD C542($499.00 msrp, used around $150.00).   I can't explain it but it sounds better than my $1600.00 plus Cambridge Audio 840C and that is quite a task.

I don't think for $150.00 you can go wrong with the Onkyo.  It appears to be pretty solid for a budget CD player at 10.9lbs. My experience with their multi disc carousel players has been very positive as well as the Integra equivalents. 


If the NAD C565BEE is at least as nice sounding as the C542(my guess it is), then that is the route I would go if you are opting to not go the budget route.  An outboard DAC feature is another plus for the NAD.

NAD C565 is a killer player .
The NAD 565 is absolutely incredible for the money. Some reviews have stated that it is as good as units costing upwards of $5000.

Shame it was discontinued a year ago. 

I pi guess I'll check out the 546, which is the newer flagship from them, not as good, why would a company lower quality for a new player?
Another vote for the NAD 565BEE spinner!