NAD C 375BEE Integrated Amp Replacement Recommendations

I use the NAD C375BEE integrated with Klipsch RF-7 II speakers. Do you have any experience, or can you recommend an integrated with the grunt (bass weight) and smooth sound of the NAD C 375BE, but more refinement?   Looking not to spend more than about $2500.

Musical Fidelity M5si?
Luxman 505ux?
Musical Fidelity A5?
What have you heard; What's your take? Thanks

In that price point not much has the grunt of an Nadc375bee.  375bee in my opinion gives you the best value for its price point.  I had one driving vienna acoustics grand beethoven speakers since 2009, now my son has it in his college dorm creating havoc.  I have not tried any on your list but You can get the refinement with a Primare I32 for about $2000 (used).  If you want both grunt and refinement check out primare l35 at 300wpc at 4ohm.
Good luck. 

I took my Yamaha A-S1000(90w/ch@8ohms, 140w/ch@4ohms) over to my buddies house where he was performing an RF-7 vs RF-7II vs RF-7III shootout and for fun we used different amplification to add to the mix.  The Yamaha had no problem making all three pairs thump as well as offering more refinement and detail.  His family room is on the large side and the Yamaha held it's own against the more powerful Acurus A200 and it's 200w/300w.

Maybe consider the Yamaha A-S2000 or A-S1100 which are a bit more refined than the A-S1000.  

Willand and seuntaeck, appreciate the feedback. Willand, I know your username from the Klipsch community forum.  I used to have a Yamaha AS 2000; in fact I had two AS 2000's . The first I owned had more grunt but had a protection circuit issue and I returned it. The second AS2000 I owned, for whatever reason did not have as much low end weight as the first one.  I eventually sold it.  
I had a Musicial Fidelity A5 and now own an NAD 375BEE. I don't think the A5 would be an improvement over the NAD. Both have a similar sonic signature as I recall, but the NAD has quite a bit more power and features.
Outlaw Audio has an integrated? I know they have a receiver. And, more refined with more grunt than a NAD C 375BEE?
There's a used NAD M3 listing atm. Heard this at a couple shows and sounds smooth and powerful. It's an older item, though. They just released a streaming M10, which might be worth a try and new, it's within your budget.
I am not sure you will find anything that would make for a significant improvement over your NAD at your budget. If I were looking for an $2500 integrated, I would look at the Vincent SV337Mk. Sold by Audio Advisor.  
motokokousanagi, thanks, I used to own the NAD M3 many years ago with different speakers. Had the M2 as well. Not sure I would go down that road again.

mr_m thanks, I was thinking about the Rogue Sphinx II after reading post about it in another forum. What’s your experience with the Sphinx if I may ask?

Any old schoolers here have thoughts on the Jeff Rowland Concentra- does it have enough low end weight/? I'm certain it should be refined and resolving. 
Anthem I225 Integrated amp. 225 watts into 8 ohms/310 into 4 ohms. Very good low end torque! Onboard phone section. Remote, Clean, One XLR input. Contact me if your interested.

Nutty, thanks for your suggestion.  I have owned so many integrateds in the past years it's hard to keep track but have not owned the 225. Have considered it.  I have owned the NAD M2, NAD M3, Harmon Karkdon HK990, Yamaha AS2000, and the NAD C375BEE, granted, with different speakers. The Yamaha was more refined.  A member here who I respect, owned the Anthem and sold it to get the Yamaha AS 2000.   I have also owned the Blue Circle BMPH which I sorely regret selling and was probably my only high end integrated;, also the McIntosh MA6900 that I wish I never bought. 
Sorry for the Outlaw recommendation, that post was intended elsewhere. For this thread I would +1 mesch for the Vincent. Sorry for the confusion and my ineptitude.

If buying new at that price I would certainly look at the recommended Vincent. I have had the 236mk and the 237. Fantastic amps.
The OP mentioned his speakers the Klipsch RF-7 II.  Does anyone realize that the sensitivity spec is 101db?!

nobody needs 150 wpc to drive these speakers and I doubt the OP is using more than 20-30 watts from the Nad unless he’s already deaf.

I had the 375, and though it’s a decent amp, it’s not the most transparent.   The pre section holds it back, imho.  The perfect pre for those speakers is the Schiit Saga, a passive pre that has amazing detail and imaging.   Add their 100 wpc amp and you’ve dropped only 1100 or so with shipping.   The Nad will sound flat by comparison.  

Plus the gear gear is made in the USA like those Klipsch speakers.   

 Many owners of these speakers use high powered amps, I have read many complaints of lack of bass with these speakers and this is a quote from a senior member on the Klipsch forum:

Looks like it dips just a tad below 5 ohms at 40 hz, and another dip to 3.5 ohms at 160 hz. At 100 hz, impedance is 4 ohms with a -40 degree phase swing. They may be sensitive, but they are NOT an easy load. 

So don't drive them with a bridged  amp or you will risk letting the magic smoke out per the manual.

More than a few owners use Vincent amps per the forums and I have a friend that has a pair that runs high powered amps with them as well. These are not the same as the Heritage line and seem more for home theatre where a sub is doing the heavy lifting.

The op asked for an amp with similar grunt and bass weight as the c375 with more refinement....that is an accurate description of the Vincent sound. 


Many also use low wattage tube amps, apparently.  All those dips in the lower register means is one needs an amp with good current.  

1 watt of power into those speakers develops volume levels loud enough to shake the walls.  

The 375 is a budget offering from NAD, many good brands will sound more refined with good bass weight, once you get into the $2000 + range.  
Yes we are aware that the speakers are efficient and that the Nad is a budget amp. 
213runnin, thanks for your post. The 101db sensitivity of the RF7II has been discussed at the Klipsch forums and the conclusion was that the true number is not actually that high. Higher watt and higher current integrateds and amps are often being used with the speakers.

chrishanl37, I appreciate your posts very much. You obviously paid attention to my original post, and you came with background knowledge about the speakers I own and some amps paired with them. And yes, I have had a challenge with the bass of these speakers in my room, and supplement it with a sub. Unfortunately the days are gone when I would change speakers frequently, otherwise I would probably have moved on. Have been continuing with these speaks out of necessity. I have it on good authority that these speakers can get the job done in the bass with the right amp, but even with the NAD those woofers don’t do exactly as one would expect. So I definitely don’t want to go backwards with an amp less than the NAD in bass weight, but more refinement is desired. I have read many posts that the Vincent SV 237mk has solid low end. I am interested in that amp. The other int. amp that has my attention now is the Musical Fidelity M6si. One fellow in these forums said he went from the Vincent SV 237 to the MF M6si and said he’s not looking back. Sort of torn right now.