NAD C 316BEE vs. NAD D 3020

So, as of now I'm running my new DALI Zensor 1's through a Jolida FX-10. I was going to order a SS amp to compare the sound with the FX-10. I decided I want to try a NAD to compare. Any thoughts on the C 316 BEE vs the D 3020? I plan on ordering one of these to compare against the FX-10. 

Thanks in advance. 
These two NAD amps are quite different. The D3020 is a class D amp and includes a DAC. The C316BEE is class A/B and is a line level integrated only (no DAC) however has more analog inputs. Choice would depend on ones needs. Several reviews are available for these, study them.  
Based on your other thread you are using an analog front end (TT & phonostage) therefore I think the 316BEE to be a better fit. 
The sound of Class D amps are not everyone's cup of tea.  Certainly not mine.  I had a C316BEE in a secondary system once and it did a great job driving a pair 6 ohm, 86db speakers.  Very musical and punches way above its weight.  Lots of line level inputs too.  I am sure it would do a fine job with your Zensors.

And besides, even if the D3020 wasn't Class D, I personally couldn't deal with the D3020's looks.
Thanks again for the input everyone. Looks like I need to go with the C316BEE. I'll be interested to see how it pairs against the Jolida FX-10 with the Dali's 

check out this. I've heard a few samples from a friends shop who caries them and they are surprisingly well build and sound wonderful for the money.

better looking then any NAD and sound actually really good.

I would caution against the NAD.  It is a good sounding and punchy unit, but the quality of the pre-amp section is questionable... on mine, the volume control crackled after just a few weeks, one rca input priduced distortion after a year, and now the entire source selector is shorted so it is unusable after 5 years. I also purchased a Marantz pm8004 at a low street price six years ago, and it's been running 24/7 since then it is like new.  I also have a 21 years old Yamaha integrated, and it is also working like new.  The yam retailed for the price of the nad; the Marantz was twice the price of the nad, and both units are 3x the weigh of the nad.  Quality of the nad components are obviously not even conparable.
I would look into either Marantz or the new Yamaha line if I were you.