NAD C 3050 or Yamaha a-s1200

Hi all,

In my quest for an amplifier that has both a main-in/HT-bypass as well as a Speaker A/Speaker B output I have narrowed down my selection to a NAD C 3050 or a Yamaha a-s1200.

Thr NAD C 3050 was first released in a limited edition version that came with BluOS streaming. The normal NAD C 3050 comes out this month and can be purchased with a BluOS add-on or without streaming capability. I have a Wiim Pro so don’t need BluOS which brings the base version down in price significantly in comparison to the Yamaha.

This will be paired with a Denon x3800 and Fyne Audio 500 series speakers for a 5.1.4 Atmos setup. I plan on running the fronts through the NAD or Yamaha via the main-in/HT-bypass when watching movies. When switching to a stereo setup for music, only the fronts will run via the NAD or Yamaha with a Wiim Pro connected for streaming.

Has anyone trialled the NAD C 3050LE (the non limited version only comes out this month). And would any of you have an opinion on the NAD Vs the Yamaha?