Nad c 162

Hey I am looking to buy a phono preamp ATM. My options are the rega mini fono, artdjpre II or a cambridge 640p. But recently I was looking In my local cash converters and saw the nad c 162 for just £40. Didn't this beast cost £600 new? Also from your experiences how does it compare to the other phono stages I mentioned
Never heard a NAD 162, I own a Rega min-fono which I have tried with about every IC known to man and its no jewel with any of them, rough and coarse, but then might be great for rock and I only listen to Classial and jazz.
Most old Yamaha integrateds have good to excellent phono stages.
Personally for 40 quid I'd take a flyer on the NAD, but its your cash.
Best of British Luck as us squaddies used to say in the Highland Light Infantry back in the 50's.
What does ATM mean anyway?
I am sorry but I don't know the NAD piece in question.Can you have an audition with it?
That's a pretty good price, I'd make sure it has no issues because it seems under priced.
Unless I'm mistaken, that's about $60 US dollars. At that price, I'd buy it just to have it as a spare. I bought mine almost two years ago and paid $300 for it.

It is a good piece of NAD equipment. It may not be the best of anything, but considering the price point, it does everything well.

Just do a google search for NAD C162. You'll find a link to the archive section on NAD's website. Follow the link and look for the link to product reviews. There were at least a couple of favorable comments regarding the NAD C162's phono section.
£40 is equivalent to $60 these days. That would be a bona fide steal if the preamp is up to spec. Yes, the C 162 has an very good phono section, both MM and MC (though I always preferred using a step up transformer when I was using a MC cartridge). Tonyangel said "it may not be the best of anything," and he's right, but don't let the faint praise dissuade you. It's a good preamp.
Soldersplatter is right. Perhaps I understated the deal that you have. When I said that it wasn't the best of anything, I wasn't saying that it isn't good. I was only saying it that in light of all of the other equipment that is spoken of here.

It's a solid performer. What I really like about it is the tone controls. I know that some purists shun them, but in the real world, few of us have perfect surroundings and a little adjustment can add to the enjoyment. The tone controls on the NAD are very subtle.