NAD, and Vandersteen

Would NAD amps, and cd players work well with the Vandersteen 1C's. Thanks for any advice.
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yes they will sound fine
I have had the chance to hear a few systems using the NAD master series stuff and different Vandys.
Very nice together. The top of the line Master series multi channel stuff with Vandersteen 7.1 channel home theatre has made me re-think home theatre.
I had a C372 that was a terrific match with some 2ce Sigs. Your 1C's are more sensetive, you could probably do fine with a C320BEE or the new C315BEE.
If budget is your limiting factor then I guess NAD would work but, the Vandys are fairly inefficient and will improve as your electronics improve. If you listen to Rock like I do you want a lively sounding amp and not sure if NAD would be a good fit. Their stuff sounds a bit relaxed to me. As an owner of 2CE signatures, I have had a number of amps, never spending more than $900 and I have gotten the best performance on the TAD 125 monoblocks by Bizzy Bee audio. Their stuff is a wonderful bang for the buck and Paul is great to work with. What is your budget?
under $1000, new or used, thanks for the replies, everybody.
If you could stretch to around 1100 you could probably land a DK design Mk2.
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Most Nad intergrateds do provide both out and main jacks...they did on the C350 amp I used to own...what a great little amp...and yes Nad mates well with my local dealer often pairs them both...Nad has a big and bold presentation...very dynamic...which goes well the spacious, non-fatiguing sound Vandy is known for ...If you plan on spending up to 1k...then Nad does look less appealing as there are many choices which include better build and possibly even better sound...and then there is the NAD master series!
Although i have never done this...on paper... a lively Brit amp such as a Naim, Creek or Musical Fidelity in theory would be a nice match...might have to go used to do this...but well worth the effort IMHO...if funds are tight...Rotel comes close to this sound...
Find a pair of used Quicksilver Mini Monos and a Quicksilver line stage. later you can add a 2WQ and own an amazing system.
The Quicksilver combo sounds good, any suggestons on good matching cd player under $1000.
Just hooked up a NAD 1155 preamp to my signature IIs whilst my tempermental ARC sp-9 mkIII is being serviced, and I must say I am suprised at how good it sounds...
Late to this party, but I had an interesting experience yesterday. I was demoing some Vandersteen 1C's and one set up was the NAD C-565BEE CD player mated with the NAD C-315BEE integrated - 40W and $350. This was a remarkably musical system. Unbelievable presence in the midrange and authoritative room filling bass. Organ music should not sound like that from a budget entry level amp! A big shout out to NAD for an exciting product. Oh, and the Vandersteens 1C's are everything people say they are - great timbre, great sense of space, good frequency response. Could listen all day...
Exactly so Knownothing! We have the Vandersteen's in our secondary system with NAD 362BEE and 545BEE CD and I am amazed by the great sounds for such an inexpensive setup.
Richard Vandersteen once told me that his favorite budget amps for his speakers were the Rotels. With a budget of $1K you could easily find a used McCormack amp. IMHO, McCormack and Vandersteen are one of the all time great matches on all levels in all of audio!