NAD Amp Question

Hello, I just ordered a NAD C352 Integrated for a small secondary system in my dining room and I have a question about the binding posts and which type of connectors that experienced NAD users recommend. I know the C352 to be an over achiever in terms of performance, however it's build quality is reputed to be rather flimsy. Would you A-gon members recommend using spades, bananas or plain wire terminations on my speaker cables with the C352? I am going to use Mike Morrow of Morrow Audio's SP2 Reference Speaker Cables and Monitor Audio Bronze B2 speakers in this setup.

Thanks for your help!
Bananas are easiest by far, as the spades both need to be quite thin and to feed in from the top (potentially awkward) and the hole for bare wire is on the small side for 12G. If the wire is smaller, bare wire works well, though it does still need to feed in from the top. Happy listening!
I have used both bananas and spades and find the spades more secure if there is any chance of movement of the cables or components.
I Have a C372 and I use Bananas with no problem. Plus I don't have to worry about over torking the plastic lugs and cracking them. Also, there a breeze to disconnect and reconnect for system re-arranging shelf dusting etc.
I don't think think you should have any issues with the 352's back panel flexing. Nad have built the next series (especially the 375-165-275) to be more robust.
Bananas are no fussy. Plain wire that is 14 gauge or smaller will fit with ease. No much hassle.

NAD 352 is beaucoup amp for less than $500. Great amp choice.