NAD 955 vs Emotiva XPA-5

Both these 5-ch amps are the same price (Emotiva gives military discount, so they are actually cheaper for me) with the NAD being 100wpc and the Emotiva 200wpc. I have heard the 955 paired with Totem Sttaf and it sounded great. So I am pretty confident with the NAD. Yet, the Emotiva has twice the power and has also been well review.

So, who has heard either? I will be pushing Axiom M22 mkII so power is not a problem (both will do) but, when I do upgrade, probably to Totem, I do not want to get a new amp. I listen to 50/50 HT/2-ch Music, and of the music, about 50% is vinyl.

Would love to hear what anyone with experience with one of these amps thinks.


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Hmmm.... unfortunately sound quality is the most important thing! I agree about the higher powered amp, hence my leaning toward Emotiva. I have heard the NAD amp, so I know I will like it. I guess I can get the Emotiva and if I do not like it, send it back. But hard to do since I know it will sound better than my Adcom GFA-5200 that I currently have powering my fronts. So I will never know if the NAD is better on my setup....
Well I went with the NAD. I felt more comfortable with the amps lower distortion, much higher signal to noise, and branding.

Plus, something just seemed "cheap" about the Emotiva. The big blue lights, the way the case was constructed.. dunno, just seemed too, "flashy".

I am sure the NAD will be a step up from my Adcom GFA-5200 at 50wpc!