NAD 787 receiver.. Will satisfy audiophile?

Looking for the best sounding AVR regardless of price. Is this unit capable of satisfying audiophile sensibilities in a less demanding second home home theatre? Integra recommended as well. Would highly appreciate comments from those that really know high end AVR's. I'm not wanting to go the separates route.
I'm interested to hear opinions on this as well. I currently have separates (Anthem AVM-50v and 2 Linn 5250 power amps), but was considering simplifying/consolidating my system. Also, I like the NAD's modular upgradeable design. My Anthem will be "obsolete" to a certain extent when 4K TV is the norm, and I can still sell it for a good price.
These are not amplifiers processors that most serious hi end audiophiles spend much of there critical listening to. I am afraid the only way you will know if it offends your audio sensibility is to audition them. Some manufacturers e.g. Krell have made some of these but the audience is not the same as the separates people.
I purchased some older Pioneer Elite receivers used for our children's bedroom systems and I have to admit, I'm impressed with them.

They drive their Aerial speakers very well and sound significantly better then I expected. This for music as well as movie and gaming.
If you ask the question I would think they would.
From sound between NAD and Integra I can't say, but I would have a lot more confidence in the reliability of the Integra or a Yamaha .
I had a NAD 777 and was generally pleased. I'm 85% audio to 15% video use. Until it just stopped working and the warranty company could not repair, I was paid out and went in search of next thing. I read many reviews, and selected an Arcam AVR 600. I do use better cables throughout, but at the time kept all the same. The comparison music wise was measurably better with the Arcam to the NAD. Much more quiet, much of that term pleasurable.
Good Luck
I have a NAD 763 receiver, in which the digital inputs no longer work. As a stereo receiver, this unit sounds amazing to me. If I am losing any merit here, on Audiogon, so be it. I have driven any number of speakers, including my modified Klipsch Lascala's, and, the NAD equals everything else I have tried. Yes, I am in my early sixties, and, consider myself, still, a golden eared individual. Mr.D
it doesn't surprise me that most of the posters above aver to repair issues with their nad units, which has certainly been my experience. they sound good when they're working, however.
Has anyone listened to the Arcam AVR750? It's supposed to sound quite good.
Of course EVERYTHING is system/setup/acoustics/lifestyle/ taste,etc, dependent. Still, to simply address your answer the easiest, I'm DEFINITELY recommending some higher end offering that includes a HIGH QUALITY EQ of some sort! That said, my first thought goes to the Anthems. Probably as clean of a sound as you could expect from a surround receiver, plus highly regarded EQ for smoothing out the INEVITABLE bass/room/acoustics problems that need EQ'ing out. Otherwise, expect audiophile grade disappointments that a good EQ could otherwise GREATLY ASSIST!
Yes, probably the later model Anthem's.