NAD 7600... any good?

I friend of mine is cleaning out his fathers house, and he was wondering if I would be interested in a NAD 7600 Monitor Series receiver. Before checking it out in person, since I am quite a while away from him, I was wondering what this thing is like, counting on the fact that it is in pristine condition. What was the price range of it? Anyone have detailed specs of the piece?

As of now, I am running a rather dated, but solid sounding PS Audio 4.5 pre with a B&K ST-140 amp. Would this NAD 7600 have more potential than the system I have going already?
Here is a link to some info on the NAD 7600 receiver. It was NAD's top of the line unit in the late 80's, and I believe it sold for around $1600.

I thought it was one of the best receiver's I've ever heard, and would certainly be worth a listen, IMHO.

I agree with Jmcgrogan2. I owned one back in the day when I sold hifi and loved it. If you get it and don't think it betters your current setup you can surely sell it here to recover your money. (Depending on how much your friend wants for it.) Heck, I'd even buy it from you just to have a nice center piece for another system. Where are you located?

I vote yes to giving it a go.
well, actually the even cooler part about this deal is my friend (no offence to him) doesn't really know how much the stuff he is giving to me is worth, so he gives it to me FOR FREE!. So far, the last system that i listed, allong with a great Luxman M120A amp and a even cooler Luxman tunrtable I have gotton from him in GREAT condition, and still use to this moment.

is it a bad thing that i get this great stuff for free? hahahaha