NAD 7175 vs 320

I'm wondering what the trade offs would be between NAD 7175pe and NAD 320bee, if any? If you had a choice which way would you lean? Thank you.
One's a Rec. and another an int. amp. Yes? I'll assume the 7175 was much more expensive compared to the 320 when each was originally sold. The 7175 has more power. Older, which does not mean anything bad or against. Do you listen to radio? I'd personally go for the 7175 if it's in proper operating mode.
Kotta, thanks... Everything on the 7175pe operates perfect. So, the quality of sound is not poorer/lesser with 7175 (75 wpc) because of updated components in the 320bee (55 wpc), is this correct?
The transformer will be different for sure. The electronic parts will naturally be older w/the 7175PE. Things may need to be cleaned/replaced eventually. (Capacitors) Age of components doesn't really bother me so much. I have quite a few older pieces of equipment that work and sound fine. Also, things can be made to sound even better w/just a few simply and easy modifications. Either one will serve you well. Did you get one of these? If so, how do things sound to you?