NAD 614, 613, or 6300 Cassette Deck

Hey all. I am looking for a good NAD deck for general playback. Nothing fancy, just some old live shows. I love the NAD gear and I was just looking to see if anyone had any thoughts between the decks I have listed. Any pro's or con's. I am thinking 614 but it is only 2 head while the 6300 is older it is 3 head... Any opnions would be great and would save me the time of racking my brain insane!
Don't spend your tape deck money on an NAD
they are nice, but if you want the best cassette reproduction treat yourself and go Nakamichi.

A good three head deck can be had used (ebay or audiogon) for $200-250 and deliver much better musical reproduction.

I have an LX5 that is 18 years old and still makes wonderful copies and I recently scored an MR1 $205 on ebay for my all balanced preamp configuration. Most people no longer use tape decks so you can pick one up for reasonable prices

a zx7 is a real nice deck and can be had for $300 or so is a great resource
be wary of the newer models that were not completely made by nakamichi

best of luck in your pursuit

Hey Tom, thanks for the advice. You know I just sold a Nak Cassette 2. And while I liked it, I had to get rid of it. I am looking for an NAD unit to go with the rest of my NAD office gear, otherwise, hell ya, I'd get with the NAK Dragon. But this system I am building is for my home office, and I want it to look streamline, disregarding sound quality (shoot me all at once, I know!), but for my office design and as an office only system (nice office system I think), I'd like to stay with NAD.. Jesus, I am just waiting for someone to rant on me about this.. HA HA


no rant
NAD are nice cassette decks, but I'd still give an edge to Naks. Then again a "does all" remote tied system is hard to beat for the office