NAD 541 + DAC upgrade question

Well, after buying everyone I know presents, I'm left with little "coin." I'm not complaining BTW because I really do believe it's better to give than receive.

Anyway, all of this consumerism is leaving me with an upgrade itch. So I want to see if it's possible to improve the performance of my NAD 541 CD player by adding an inexpensive DAC.

Any recommendations?

What do y'all think of an MSB technology link dac III/NAD 541 combo?

I have about $200 to spend.

Thanks everyone!

You will be wasting $200 with that combo. Double that amount and I can recommend 2 DACs that would upgrade your sound.

I'm game....Doubling the amount what do you recommend?
I would recommend the Keces 131 sold here. Great build quality, well balanced, relaxed highs and quite listenable. Another one would be the new Cambridge Dacmagic. Dynamic and full bodied but a hotter top end, great bang for the buck. If you have lively speakers like Focals pick Keces, otherwise go for the dacmagic.