NAD 533 or Pro-Ject Debut turntable?

I am making the big plunge into analog. The 2 turntables I am considering are the Nad 533 (made by Rega) and the Pro-Ject Debut. Which do you think I should go with? The NAD unit costs about $150 more.
Neither. They're both particle board decks. Get something used--cheap!
Psychicanimal is correct that the construction of the two units is similar, and if you're unsure whether you'll be staying with vinyl long term, his advice to get something used and inexpensive is spot on.

However, if you're pretty sure you'll love vinyl and just want to get started, the NAD comes with an OEM Rega RB250 tonearm, which accounts for most of the price difference. The Rega is a far better arm to start than the Pro-ject, and is upgradable with all the RB250 tweaks. You could take it pretty far before you'd really feel the need to move way up the chain.
NAD 533 is basically the same thing as the Moth, which is listed here on Audiogon at $349.00, and the Goldring GR-1. Rega makes all three. They are better than the Pro-Ject because of the arm.