Nad 521i feedback....

I have never been a huge fan of NAD cdps...I own an NAd intergrated(c350) which I any rate...for a budget cd player to use while the hi-rez wars takes does this rate?
I know this is not the question that you asked ... but try a Music Hall MMF CD 25 with your NAD. I paired one with a NAD C320 BEE and it worked out very well ... absolutely stunning synergy. See my additional comments in my review of the NAD 320BEE .

Everything that I have read about the NAD (mostly all British press) says to go with the BEE version of the 521i.

Regards, Rich
I'll second purchasing the BEE version of the 521. I got impatient and refused to wait for it to be released, and I'm still kicking myself in the butt over that one.