NAD 521

hi I have an NAD 521 CD PLAYER paired with an NAD 356 and totem staff. I am not getting the sound i would think should get. The cd player takes up to ten seconds to read a cd and doesn't seem to read others. I got this used as a gift. Is this a repair problem? 

thank you

Not sure, but if that is the original 521 unit, it is going on 15 yrs. I have been a fan and past owner of NAD amps, but never a fan of their CDPs for the reason most state: longevity. Probably not worth the $$$$ to repair. Also, I find their sound signature too bland and laid back.
Get a good source and I am sure you will love the sound a lot more. NAD has always sounded pretty laid back to me. I'm with phasecorrect  NAD amps are good but their sources are pretty bland. Get a OPPO 105 universal player and you'll be amazed!