NAD 512 CDP - Drawer won 't open

My father's been having trouble with his CD player. It began months ago with, after loading a CD, the unit not registering that there was a disc in it until he would tap the drawer moderately in just the right spot. Now it won't open at all! Is it worth getting repaired? Should this happen after only 5 years? My old NAD lasted much longer. Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Had trouble with my 540 as well , after 3 months use, even after repair it is slow to open/play. I got a felling its a matter "you get what you pay", yes its a throw away unit.
NAD had a lot of trouble with the player. It is a nice sounding machine but I'm actually kind of surprised it lasted 5 years. I had one in a second system and it would sling the CD out of the draw still spinning! Also, the display went out twice. Sounds like the drawer logic control has messed up. Might be something as simple as a bad solder joint but who knows. It would probably cost you a minimum of $100 to get it fixed. Most service centers charge $75/hr. I would find a used Marantz(63SE) or equivalent. Sound is as good and it's more dependable. I don't think I would attempt to get the 512 fixed. It usually messes up again. The older 5000 player lasted and was good sounding. After that, I think NAD started assembling in China and that's when the problems started. None of my friends has had a NAD that they didn't have trouble with in the last couple of years (especially, their surround receivers.) It is a shame. NAD makes good sounding stuff and used to be very reliable. I guess costs get everyone.