NAD 412 vs. 4130 vs. 4225

I've been looking for a tuner for some time now and have nearly settled on the NAD 412, 4130, or 4225.  I'd use it almost exclusively for FM, but would like it to be functional for AM, as well, largely because listening to a ballgame in the Summer just isn't the same on FM.  I live in Duluth, MN, which is a small city, but it is very hilly and there is lots of inference due to both the terrain and to various military activity, so both sensitivity and selectivity are paramount.  There are also a number of minor FM stations that I understand can be received in town and I'd like to be part of that.  I currently have an Harman Kardon TU610 that has always been wanting, but was serviceable in a bigger city.  It's not really usable here.  I do appreciate the manual tuning, though.

What do you got?

Relevant components:
Pre-amp:  Onkyo P-3160
Amp:        NAD 2100