NAD 4020A Issue - Please help

I have a NAD 4020A AM/FM Tuner. The issue is it has some tuning LEDs to help you bring in the station frequency. If you have to move the dial a little to the right the left LED comes on, if you have to move it a bit to the left the right LED comes on, and when it's perfect the middle green LED lights up and then the separate stereo LED lights up. The issue with mine is as soon as you put it on FM, the left LED lights up Red and stays on eliminating the "tuning" aspect and the green centre LED never comes on never allowing the station to come in in stereo. Has anyone ever seen this issue?

I have brought the unit to 2 techs so far without resolve. Both said it wasn't anything immediate and would require some deep probing and probably start adding up hours and a healthy tech bill making it not worth it. As this unit matches my NAD 3020A integrated, I am interested in solving the problem. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.