NAD 375BEE v 372 and 370

Has anyone compared the NAD 375 v the 372 or 370? I ask becasue I have heard some say the 375 is a bit laidback like the M3 and lacks drive. Before I run around comparing things some thoughts would help. Thanks
In my experience lack of drive is completely false. I currently have the C372 and the M3 in two separate systems and they provide all the dynamic slam and detail I could ever want.

I guess it depends on what equipment you use and/or compare them to as well as the room acoustics.

The M3 has a substantially larger soundstage and the vocals are out in front of the mix in my system.
I have used the 272, which is the amp version of the 372 integrated design.

The amp has no trouble with PRAT. The next version, 275/375, I have not heard. It is supposed to be an evolutionary change, and the 372/375 equipment description in NAD's own web site are nearly identical.