NAD 372 v. Jolida 1501

For those who have compared the NAD 372 directly to the Jolida 1501, or o-wise have some sense of how they compare-

I'm going to be setting up either Thiel 2.3's or Avalon Monitors (both secondary pairs) in a secondary system in my girlfriend's bedroom. The acoustic environment is HIGHLY compromised (spkrs will be four feet apart, against wall, in small room), so I don't want to spend a lot on it at this time, but I DO want to use the Thiels or Avalons, since I may want one or both pairs in (a) better system(s) in the future. So-

how does the sound of the two units compare? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
both theil and avalon work well with amps that 'control' the drivers. the nad fits the bill(i've heard many thiels with nad), and offers a lot of quality for the money. i'm not a jolda fan, but to be fare, i have only heard jolda used with lesser loudspeakers than thiel and avalon.
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