NAD 352C - converting from 220v to 100v

I have NAD 352C amp (220v) and I need to convert it to 110v. The manual says the C version (220v) uses main transformer TD-230-0150E, while the AH version (110v) uses another transformer TD-120-0150I.

Question: Do I need to change transformers or there is any way to re-solder? Rewire?

Where can I get an OEM (or alternative) transformer? In case of non-OEM - what transformer can be an appropriate substitute? Any place to buy apart from ebay?

According to the service manual they are two different parts, so you are stuck with sourcing from their Parent company at their parts center 1.800.263.4641

18-35151-20 Transformer C Version
18-35151-10 Transformer AH Version

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Steve, thanks for your response.

Yes, I have the service manual and NAD support center gave me the same phone number. I called their parts center - the transformer costs about $250 + shipment.

Is there any other NAD amp with the same transformer?