NAD 320BEE with PSB Imagine B

Will the NAD 320BEE drive the Imagine B speakers well? Or would need a better amplifier? I currently have a pair of PSB B25s and a PSB 5i subwoofer. I like the sound that I am getting with the B25s, but I would also like to know if it is a smart upgrade. Thanks for your input.
the nad is a very good match for the psbs--the nad has ample power and a lot of dynamic headroom. i believe psb is actually under common ownership with nad and the pairing is, understandably, touted by the manufacturers.
It should do fine with either, but if you're not already biamping with the sub you should if you go to the Imagine B. The smaller driver will be better served if you take the bass load off of it.
Short answer is yes the NAD 320BEE should.

Going from PSB B 25 to Imagine B is an upgrade, not in the bass dept though and thus if you upgrade you should keep the PSB 5i sub as stated above.

NAD and PSB have great chemistry together. And yes they are owned by Lenbrook Industries.

I have a NAD 326BEE which is a bit newer than your 320BEE. I have used this little amp to drive a pair of Dynaudio DM 2/10 and JBL S38 without any problems.
Thanks for the advice. It's nice to know I have some room to grow with the NAD.