NAD 320bee

I have a 320bee, a great int amp. I wonder is there some way to use a sub with this amp? My previous NAD 7175 had a
loudness switch, which I enjoyed from time to time. With my new 320 bee I sometimes need a little more bass.
As you can see high-end audio is rather new to me. Suggestions? Thank you.
You can get a subwoofer with speaker level ins and outs, that what did!
You are lucky to own an integrated amp from NAD. They are one of the very few manufacturers that provide both preamp out and amp in jacks, thus, allowing the unit to be treated as separates.

Depending on your main speakers, you may wish to employ a bass management controller like the NHT X2. The device would be inserted between the preamp and amp section of the 320BEE.

If your speakers are pretty close to full range, then you can omit the bass management controller and use a Y-cable to split the preamp out.

In either scenario you would use line level interconnect cables to the subwoofer. Note, some subs have bass management builtin. If the sub won't be too far away from the 320BEE, this option could save you some money.