NAD 320bee

Have an NAD 320bee which I like very much.I'm told I can boost the wpc out put by adding a turning. I'm thinking of doing this if appropriate to make an increase. Is this info
accurate? Thank you.
In the course of writing this question previously I made some errors. Perhaps the following will offer some clarity.

I have an NAD 320bee int. amp. I'm told that I can increase the wpc by adding a tuner or a power amp. I own a vintage Proton 1200 could this be used or what direction should I take? I would like to keep the NAD 320bee.
Thank you.
I'm sorry. How could this possibly increase the power output? Perhaps I've misunderstood the proposal. The NAD is designed for a specific output and all parameters work around that. If you need more power then a new amp is in order.
By adding a power amp, you would be using the NAD as a preamp. You would then have the power of the the added amp only, as the NAD power amp section of your intergrated would be bypassed.
You could add an equally rated NAD amp to your existing NAD integrated and run each amp in mono. This is a very popoular option and will really increase the watts/loudness of your system.