nad 3021i, interference noise

Category: Amplifiers

i have owned a nad 3020i since the late 80s,
i have a noise through one side of the out put.
it sounds like a strong wind is blowing through the speaker,
ive done the basic tests and the noise is still there ,
ive swopped speakers and used other speakers,no change.
i read an article on the subject and it appears dirt is the
problem, can anyone tell me if there is a book on how to clean the switches or website that might know any tips.
thanks for looking.
I wouldn't sink much money into this...especialy since a brand new C320BEE can be had for less than it would cost to repair your 3020.

I would just take the cover off, pop off the knobs, gently vacuum the interior and blow it out with a can of compressed air, then spray some contact cleaner into the controls while actuating them to work the cleaner into the parts. Let it sit for a day or two, clean any residual drips off of the interior with some window cleaner, plug it in and see what happens.

You really have very little to lose. If that doesn't do the trick, then you're probably looking at a costly overhaul including resistors, capacitors, etc, which probably won't be cost-effectve.

There are too many good, cheap integrated amps out there to waste too much time on an old 3020, good as it was in its day. The Cambridge Audio 340A and 540A, Rega Brio, Rotel RA-01 and NAD C320BEE will all outperform it.

Good luck...