NAD 3020 What to do with it ???

Hi Folks, I have just joined and this is my first time here. I have an NAD 3020 I bought in 1980 (I think) and has been in constant use since then. No longer need it as I have gone a bit nuts buying new equiptment this past year. It has some dirt in the volume pod (crackles a bit) and some other switching but works good still as far as I can tell. What should I do with it?? It must need new caps or some type of refurbishing at 30 years + and I only paid $200.00 for it. Is it worth it to spend any money on it or should I just pitch it, seem a shame as it still works fine. Thank you any and all that respond to this. It is appreciated!! Cheers, DMacG in Canada
As long as it's still working, sell it here or on a local site for a small amount, or give it away to someone who will appreciate it.
Donate it to a local Goodwill.
Plenty of folks with little money like music.
It will be snatched up by some poor audiophile in a short time. They will be happy with it.
I helped a friend with a second hand store stereo back aways..
A marantz 2270 for $30, some nice JBL speakers for $20, a ?NAD CD player for $6 a Dual TT for $5

Still in use.
Hold on to it! After you've been in this crazy hobbie awhile, you'll come full circle and use it as your main amp! I honestly can't say I regret selling my first int. amp (Kenwood Ka-7100) because it lend me on a long journey and satisfying learning experience. Life moves on....If you could pass it on to a music lover that would be great!
The 3020 is a great little performer. I too have one from the early 80's. After serving me for many years, it sat in the basement for a couple of year, and then found a home back in college with my son's friend. Nice to know one of us is still enjoying their youth. I am picking it up this week, and it is moving in with my dad as I assemble a system for him from some stored gear I have in the basement. Pay it forward my friend!
keep it, it is worth more than you could sell it for...

mine recently broke otherwise I would still be using it in a second system

my dad's still sounds great

also, tuner cleaner will help the volume control, spray it on the inside mechanism while twisting the dial and wipe the excess off (unplugged of course)
Agree w Philojet. If you get going seriously on this madness, there will be times when you have a unit out being repaired/modified or have sold something and awaiting a replacement. A good little integrated like the NAD will keep the tunes flowing. And if you ever decide you want to try some DIY upgrading, you can start by fine-tuning your soldering skills while replacing the caps on the NAD.
Wow, thank you all. I guess 'pitch it' wasen't quite right. I would not just throw it out. As it takes up little room in storage, after reading your feedback, it makes sense to keep it I suppose. I have always thought that an amplifier that sits not in use dies of lack of use. Am I right on this? If so and I choose to keep it I suppose I should look at refurbishing it at a cost of ? I don't know. Thank you all again for your feed back and any further tips as to what may need to be done (thx Philojet) are most Welcome. This is a great spot I have found and will update my profile soon. DMacG
Mine sat for quite a few years in the box, and I took it out last summer to help get my son's friend get going on his vinyl rig, and it worked great! Good luck.
The original NAD 3020 is almost a collectors item. I gave mine to my sister who no longer uses it. I will get it back and re-furbish it and maybe sell or give to someone that likes listening to music or just keep it.
One of the great intergrated amps that was out there.
My first step into the high end world. Ran them with my original DCM Timewindows. Sounded great.
Problem was it really gave me the bug to get better and better equipment.
Joe Nies
I too have a NAD 3020 that's been sitting in a closet since 2006. Just for grins, I disconnected my Audio Research amp/preamps and subbed in the 3020. Had to use Radio Shack speaker cables of unequal length and no-name ICs to fit the narrower dimensions of the back panel of the 3020. I powered it up expecting it to sound good since my Altec Valencia speakers are efficient, but they sounded really good!

I'll play this setup for the rest of the weekend and give the tube gear a little break. Running a Sony DVP-9100es as the source; I'll try it with my Thorens TT next. Guess I'll keep the 3020 for now; maybe use it in the office.