nad 3020

Have another question about the 3020.What would be the stronger between the amp and preamp section of this amp if you wanted to use as just a preamp or amp?thank you.
The amp is the stronger of the 2. A preamp is a better upgrade.
I was a NAD dealer back in the day that the 3020 was a new model. I sold a ton of these. IMHO, the preamp section is the better of the two.

The 3020 was a wonderful unit. If I was to split it out, I'd use it as a preamp and find a more powerful amp.

Just my .02 cents worth...
The preamp section is the better of the two. Many bought it only for the preamp and used a different amplifier. There is nothing wrong with the amp section but it's not what distinguished the 3020.
as a past owner I found the occasional rocket launch of an input selector button amusing. However it was a very colored sound and easily bettered if you weren't strapped for cash.
Preamp is better. As already mentioned, it was often used for its preamp section. Not a bad piece for so little money.
The 3020 was used as a preamp primarily by those seeking more power and it had a decent phono stage. At ~$100 each for the contained amp and preamp sections, this unit represented the best sonic value/$ at the time. IMHO it is hard to say which section represented the better value in its own right.

A true upgrade would require replacement of both the amp/pre components. THere are many great sonic value/$ integrated amps available today.

If one was to use the 3020 as a bridge to a amp/pre based system, and 20 watts would suffice until one was ready to upgrade amp then one has the option to search for the best deal on either a new amp or pre that will facilitate upgrade. Zd's point is valid under this scenario, particularily if there is going to be some time before an amp would be purchased and an upgrade of the phono section is important..

If one was considering the purchase of new speakers, then the 3020 should be used as a pre and one should purchase a new amp keeping in mind the amp/speaker interaction.

All the above is stated as MHO, and therein is my position that 'it depends' :-).